Digital Marketing

Pahasha Media offers leading business solutions which ensure that your business stays ahead of the competition. We use the best strategies that ensure the highest return on investment from your digital marketing efforts. Our team of experienced digital marketing experts will ensure your campaign yields optimum results.

Lead Generation

We understand that every business wants to make a profit by getting more clients. Pahasha has customised solutions to bridge the gap between your business and clients. Over the years we have developed digital assets which generate leads for various business niches. We connect your business to the clients and ensure profitability from your marketing efforts.


Business Directory

As a first step to getting your business found, we recommend getting your business listed on our business directory which is has been optimised for search engines. Getting you business listed on our directory will help you business to be exposed to clients who require your business services.


Businesses for Sale

We develop niche specific websites and once they generate a sufficient number of leads per month, the websites are sold to clients who either want to boost their business in an certain niche or want to start a business. We help business owners who do not want to wait for the optimisation period of their websites and who want to straight away start getting valuable business leads.

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